Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm Not Happy, So I'm Back

I haven't blogged my thoughts here for the last couple of years for a couple of reasons.

1. I had a stroke in December of 2011 that has negatively effected my intellectual capabilities.  For instance  I don't have the same level of short and long term memory recall as I did before.  My deficits in intellectual capabilities makes blogging thoughtful posts much more difficult than it was before.
(Writing this one took me several hours, yes hours! And I wouldn't describe it as very thoughtful)

2. The country electing Barak Obama for a second term was totally discouraging to me.  How could people be that foolish?  Fool them once shame on him, fool them twice shame on this country.  I was left to just shake my head and pretty much checked out on the serious war on terror issues that this blog mostly focused around.

So why am I back now?  I'm pissed off with Obama's "smart diplomacy" that has blown up in our faces.  This is especially true for things are turning out in Iraq.  What a major fuck up?  Completely conceding our influence there to Iran when we pulled all our troops out was just asking for trouble.  And please don't give me that flimsy excuse that getting the hell out wasn't up to him.  He couldn't get our troops out fast enough to claim how he "responsibly ended the war."  What a crock of shit!  Now thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqi's that shouldn't have had to pay more for our invasion in 2003 than they originally already had to are getting stuck with an even higher bill.  That just plain sucks!!!

If you don't believe what I'm saying I encourage everyone to read:

Behold What Is Possible Without America by The Dignified Rant Blog
(I have pretty much always been in 100% agreement with The Dignified Rant on Iraq Policy)

What We Left Behind by Dexter Filkins The New Yorker

and last but not least my own
9/11 Has America Forgotten? written on 9/11/2010


Are Terrorists Wiser Than You? Written back in 2004.  We hadn't forgotten 9/11 in 2004.  Four years later  we as a nation just buried our head in the sand and gave what our soldiers fought so hard for away and for What?