Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Evil I Speak Out Against

This was shared by a Christian Clergy Women that I think is a confused about the nature of the evil we are facing at this present time. Very real enemy's exist to Liberal Western Civilization that IS NOT us. Enemies that are every bit as totalitarian, brutal and evil as the Nazi's, Communists, and Imperial Japanese at their worst. Enemies that are driven by a confidence in the righteousness and inevitability of their dreams of worldwide domination. Extremists of such a sort should never be underestimated especially when they readily announce their intentions to bring destruction to our way of life.

Not that our way of life is perfect, it most certainly is not.  We are human's.  We are flawed.  We make mistakes.  We sin against heaven.  We sin against our fellow man.  But for all of our faults at least we are not totalitarians. God help us all if these enemies of which I speak do prevail.  Not that I think they will.  But right now they have far to much oxygen to breathe.  They will use this oxygen to make the world a more messed up place.  They will continue to have it as long as Obama is in office and his leading from behind policies are in place.

Monday, December 07, 2015

C'mon President

U.S. Strategy Seeks to Avoid ISIS Prophecy from the NY Times

George Bush never stated it, but very much used a fly paper strategy by going to war in Iraq.  For some reason Obama never thought that agitating Jihadist's and goading them to battle our soldiers in their lands was a good strategy.  Even though our never stated strategy was clearly starting to bear fruit Obama put an end to it in Iraq.  Obviously (or obliviously) Obama knew What? was best.

What? was so smart about handing Iraq over to Iran to deal with?  How was that in our or any of our allies best interests?

Well as it turns out Obama's strategy is looking as foolish as he thought Bush was for invading Iraq.

So now we have an emboldened Iran and a resurgent Sunni jihadists. And now we have a very limited number of troops back in Iraq and presumably in Syria as well.   But those troops are not seen as occupiers in the eyes of the Jihadist's and those they are recruiting. (rolling eyes and smh)

So now we find out from the no less than the NY Times we must be careful not to fulfill some crazy Jihadist prophecy/fantasy.  C'mon President Obama don't tell me you believe in some crazy Jihadist superstition.  You want to do something about stemming Jihadist recruiting then go right after there crazy superstitions.  They want a battle in Dabiq, lets blow the place up and then send in the Marines along with your much vaunted international coalition.

Put aside your pride Obama, Bush was right, battle them over there and the problem won't be as bad over here.