Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Truth about "Mission Accomplished"

Bush critics should be apologizing and embarressed at their conduct now that the truth about the announcement of the"End of Major Combat Operations" has come out.

Their apology should not be to President Bush, so much as to Tommy Franks and every single soldier that served in phases 1 through 3 in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The media and Bush opponents have mis-charaterized this event as Bush Hubris and nothing but overly hyped political posturing drummed up by Karl Rove and Company.

One problem with that theory, the event was thought up by CENTCOM Commander Tommy Franks and it's intent was a public thank you for our troops that had performed so well. See pages 523-524 of Franks book American Soldier. That is What? that announcement on May 1, 2003 was supposed to be about.

However Bush critics in their frothing attacks on GWB don't give a damn about the truth or giving our troops the respect and credit they deserve and have turned this celebration of our troops success into a politicised fiasco for President Bush. Way to go you so called "patriotic" Bush bashers, you made an event that was all about the troops into yet another divisive front on your anti-Bush take no prisoners crusade. Maybe before you Bush critics sneer at Bush for being a "divider instead of a uniter" you should look in the mirror at your own conduct and accusations and see if there is any honesty or truth in them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"Dag Nabbit Son of a Monkey Spank"

Already it has come to this, one of the great OGRE's of the bloggosphere has been fenced in and forced to have a blog just so they can make comments on other peoples blogs. LAME!

What? is with having to register to make comments anyway? I was forced to do it at THE COMMAND POST and now I have to have a blog to do it here. It looks like the days of the easy and wide open bloggosphere commentary are coming to an end. There ain't no way it will keep all the Trolls out but it might keep some of us OGRE's away for good. And that will be a loss to the blogosphere if we become the endangered species.

And for those that do not know and OGRE is an Opinionated Genius Right Everytime. An OGRE will use the Right hand of reason along with the Left fist of "bullshitastical dumbassery" to beat and eat Trolls and devour or maim anyone else that dares to cross their path.

"Dag nabbit son of a monkey spank"
Dag nabbit that link ain't workin