Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Truth about "Mission Accomplished"

Bush critics should be apologizing and embarressed at their conduct now that the truth about the announcement of the"End of Major Combat Operations" has come out.

Their apology should not be to President Bush, so much as to Tommy Franks and every single soldier that served in phases 1 through 3 in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The media and Bush opponents have mis-charaterized this event as Bush Hubris and nothing but overly hyped political posturing drummed up by Karl Rove and Company.

One problem with that theory, the event was thought up by CENTCOM Commander Tommy Franks and it's intent was a public thank you for our troops that had performed so well. See pages 523-524 of Franks book American Soldier. That is What? that announcement on May 1, 2003 was supposed to be about.

However Bush critics in their frothing attacks on GWB don't give a damn about the truth or giving our troops the respect and credit they deserve and have turned this celebration of our troops success into a politicised fiasco for President Bush. Way to go you so called "patriotic" Bush bashers, you made an event that was all about the troops into yet another divisive front on your anti-Bush take no prisoners crusade. Maybe before you Bush critics sneer at Bush for being a "divider instead of a uniter" you should look in the mirror at your own conduct and accusations and see if there is any honesty or truth in them.


Rosemary said...

Dear What?,

From one OGRE to another OGRE! I know how you feel about these people who declare their "patriotism," and in the next breath decry the war. If you don't agree agree with the Commander in Chief, how can you agree with the troops which are doing a fabulous, unselfish, dangerous, worthy job? They do not have the capacity to conceive of a long term concept. The left has finally fallen off the globe! I'm sure glad they weren't around (if they were, not in as many #'s) in WWII! I thank you for your service. We could never repay you for all you do, but I will pray for you each day. Stay safe, and may God's blessings be with you always.

ihatesomuch said...

I hate you people so fucking much, you don't have a fucking clue about what's really happening in the world. Such feeble minds...

ihatesomuch said...

WWII was a REAL war! Do NOT EVEN compare it to the Iraqi Occupation! My grandpa served and he would set you straight in a heartbeat if he heard such blasphemy. He's always going on about how wrong it is for us to go to Iraq, when there are such worse leaders in the world who pose such a greater threat to national security than Sadaam ever dreamed of! Learn from your elders what real war is instead of making things up, please. Do you have any idea how analogies work? You just made a false analogy by comparing the most important war in world history (WW2) to the occupation of Irag, do have you any idea how different this is? Hitler could've ruled the world, Sadaam NEVER in a million years could've come close to Hitler. Please tell me you know about world history, because it doesn't sound like you paid much attention in school. I bet you probably believe that Iraq was responsible for 9-11 in spite of the proven facts that say there is no connection. I am not speaking as a leftist, I am speaking as a rational American who uses logic, there is no partisan influence here, I am just stating the facts that will be printed in history books some day. Centrists would agree! But I guess a centrist would look like a leftist from the viewpoint of an extreme right-winger.

ihatesomuch said...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a leftist,

yes, the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of America during WWII! A leftist Democrat who everyone loved. And he served FOUR TERMS and did a wonderful job during WWII! That sure sounds to me like there were a lot of leftists around during WWII, I mean, there were obviously enough to vote for FDR (possibly the greatest president ever) to be our president for 16 years, of which he only served 14 before passing away. He was a commander in chief WORTHY of rallying behind, because he got America involved in a WORTHY war and saved the world from Hitler. There were no anti-war protesters during WWII, nobody protested, everyone wanted to fight in WWII EVEN THE LEFTISTS of which there were millions back then; enough to elect a LEFTIST president FOUR TIMES!
Obviously there were more leftists back in those days then there are now, otherhow Bush would've never been elected. So why are soooo many people protesting the Iraqi Occupation even in a world with less leftists than there were during WWII when NOBODY protested? Becuase these are COMPLETELY different type of WARS! One was legitimate and important, and one is illegitimate and truly unimportant, unless you consider a person vendetta against the man who tried to kill Bush's daddy important, or unless you're a Haliburton shareholder, or oil investor.
Also, just because somebody is the president does not make him worthy of my respect, he has to earn my respect, and Bush hasn't done a single thing in his tenure worthy of my respect. I RESPECT THE TROOPS, they are simply doing their job, but I DO NOT RESPECT their commander who is forcing them to be in Iraq for no important reasons.
I suggest, Rosemary, that you read about American and world history, and keep up on current events, before you make such foolish statements and foolish decisions at the polls. I know that the REAL news may appear like leftist propaganda if you think that Fox News channel is an objective source that speaks the truth handed down from God. But look into history, my dear, for the love of America, look to history books as a trusted objective source of past news, and you will find that history agrees with all the mainstream current news media that you probably call "liberal" or "leftist" when in fact it IS objective. Think about it, the more that you believe your extreme right-wing views are the truth, the more the REAL truth is going to seem like left-wing propaganda. From your seat on the right, of course EVERYTHING in the center is going to look left to you. Come back to the center, my dear, come back and join me in the real world.