Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"Dag Nabbit Son of a Monkey Spank"

Already it has come to this, one of the great OGRE's of the bloggosphere has been fenced in and forced to have a blog just so they can make comments on other peoples blogs. LAME!

What? is with having to register to make comments anyway? I was forced to do it at THE COMMAND POST and now I have to have a blog to do it here. It looks like the days of the easy and wide open bloggosphere commentary are coming to an end. There ain't no way it will keep all the Trolls out but it might keep some of us OGRE's away for good. And that will be a loss to the blogosphere if we become the endangered species.

And for those that do not know and OGRE is an Opinionated Genius Right Everytime. An OGRE will use the Right hand of reason along with the Left fist of "bullshitastical dumbassery" to beat and eat Trolls and devour or maim anyone else that dares to cross their path.

"Dag nabbit son of a monkey spank"
Dag nabbit that link ain't workin


What? said...

What? i need to do is care about this blog and maybe it will grow.

Rosemary said...

Dear What?,

I am sure that your blog will grow. If you would like, I will link you to my site. From there, someone will link you to theirs, etc. I don't have much traffic, yet, but...! I hope you are doing well. Some people just sign in at blogger.com, don't fill in any info., and blog on! Libertarians, I guess. Either that, or they have nothing worth saying. :) I don't really believe that. I like a good discussion. I will always win, but it keeps the mind sharp. Well, you stay safe and pre-occupied. Don't let the boredom get to ya! God bless your family and you always.

emigre said...

Dear What?

Omg. Opportunity to comment on an OGRE's blog. Am not sure what to say. Eeep, better climb back down that beanstalk again, this is scary.

ihatesomuch said...

If you were a true genuis, you'd realize that you're not right all the time, OGRE! Albert Einstein made mistakes, and he learned from them. He could've pretended he was perfect and as a result learned nothing, and we would've never known the name Albert Einstein today because he would've just been some poor shmoe who got nowhere as a result of his stubborness. Holding strong opinions is dangerous, and defending them to the bitter end even when they have been proven wrong will get you nowhere and is a sign of immaturity and a weak mind. It's comforting to think you have all the answers and scary to admit that you don't. Only by embracing our fears can we truly learn.

What? said...

My Deer IHATE,

It's a bit. Set the hook! SET THE HOOK!

And you are bit much, but I love you anyway.
(Kisses on the head and then throws back)

What? said...

"If you were a true genuis, you'd realize that you're not right all the time, OGRE!"

For the record, I did not say I was right "all the time" just every time. I think I could talk my way into there being a differnce. I also just noticed that being an Opinionated Genius Right Every Time makes me an OGRET. What? is that? I do not know OGRE sounds better and all I have to do to make it right is make Everytime into a word. Tah Dah!