Monday, November 16, 2009

Rush to War

In the song I Am Not At War Luka Bloom sings "This rush to war was wrong" about the Iraq War. I think many who were and are against that war suffer under a delusion that there was a "rush to war" in Iraq. I think the actual history in the run up to the invasion tells a different story.

This from the blog The Dignified Rant:
And two, there was no "rush to war" in Iraq as the argument deployed by the White House asserts. The national debate lasted about a year from after the fall of Kabul to the invasion of Iraq, and included a Congressional debate and declaration of war and long efforts at the UN that got us a resolution reaffirming post-Desert Storm UN resolutions insisting Iraq prove it no longer had WMD or else. We had a long debate on starting that war, and the so-called "rush to war" was quite possibly the most telegraphed war in history.

And another thing.

People might not think about this or like to hear it, but in my mind it was pretty much inexcuseable for the nations of the UN Security Council to back Resolution 1441, but when the time came to put their money where their mouth was they backed out and would not approve a resolution making it clear it was time for Saddam Hussien to go or face war. I think had a resolution like that been approved than the war probably would have been avoided altogether.

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