Friday, November 13, 2015

What? Overreaction Did The French Have To 9/11?

Tonight on my local 10 'o clock news there was a "Terrorism Expert" who said we should not overreact to tonight's terror attack in Paris, the way we overreacted to 9/11.  He claimed that is exactly what the terrorists want us to do and it would be a mistake.  Because if we overreact, the way we did after 9/11 we will only make matters worse by alienating more Muslims and creating more terrorists.

I take it "the mistake" he was referring to was code for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Because all right thinking people know that Operation Iraqi Freedom was a disaster and why Muslim extremists are now on the offensive in France.

But wait a second Mr. Expert, France wanted and played no part in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  How did our overreaction in Iraq lead to France being attacked so viciously?  I can see how "Operation Iraq We Gone" contributed to the mayhem we are seeing right now, but Operation Iraqi Freedom, not so much.  It seems to me when President Bush left office Iraq was stable, on the right path, and Muslim extremism was being rolled back.  Beating one's enemy on the battle field has a way of sapping them of their vigor.

Then we elected a new President who was going to correct the mistakes of our "Cowboy President."   Operation Iraqi Freedom was ended in favor of Operation Iraq We Gone.  The whole region has been going backward ever since.  Allowing our enemy space and time to regroup is an under-reaction that is only going to get more people killed.

"Overreaction"! (smh)  

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